Archana Ram
October 21, 2009 AT 10:12 PM EDT

I was a big fan of e-cards when I was younger, but as I grew older, I realized I was too old to send cha-chaing monkeys and dancing birthday cakes to my friends and family.

To save us from the cheese-filled options, Eight O’Clock Coffee has come out with Mad Men-themed e-cards, which cover everything from birthdays and thank yous to viewing parties and coffee invites. I mean, what Mad Men fan wouldn’t want a coffee date invite from Don Draper (or Joan if you so prefer)?

But don’t go rummaging through your memory for your favorite scenes; the cards, available for just a few more weeks until the current third season ends, feature still images like a window-shopping Betty and wide-eyed Peggy.

The only downside? In true Mad Men fashion, no one seems to look actually happy on any of the cards. In fact, they all look like they could use a stiff drink. So if you want your anniversary wishes sent with a side of steely glares, this is your lucky day.

Would you guys send these cards? Which image do you like best?

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