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'30 Rock' best lines: Climb into the darkness

The return of Will Arnett, the existence of a Porn Liz, and one deal breaker after another: “Into the Crevasse” had some killer lines, even if it didn’t come together in one big narrative. Here are the best, in chronological order:
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“Blammo! Another successful interaction with a man!” – Liz

“This big brother isn’t affiliated with the mentoring program. It’s a organization that secretly watches people and makes sure they’re behaving properly.” – Kenneth, who I swear was in the black-and-white microwave song clip

“Liz Lemon! You booger face! I’m going to kill you with a bazooka!” – Tracy, who has a diamond necklace that says “open marriage”

“I grew up on a pig farm, sir, where all the animals – even the birds that cleaned our teeth – were workers, not pets. I never even had a dog, cause as my mom would say, ‘You can’t eat love.’ And as my mom’s friend Ron would say, ‘The donkey died. You’re the donkey now, Kenneth.’” – Kenneth

“You don’t tell me what kind of pizza to like!” – Banks, who could’ve been ambassador to the gayest country

“Vvvv, laser shield.” – Jack, thwarting Banks’ powerful laser gun

“Iceland appears to have a different sun than America, because this one is not setting. And you probably don’t know this, because you’ve never played a moon-ologist, but werewolves only come out at night.” – Jenna, who was awesomely unfazed by Tracy answering Liz’s landline

“I will take the top half, for that is the part with a face.” – Tracy

“I have mercury poisoning. From obsessively taking my rectal temperature.” – Jenna

“Barry Diller and I are working on a whole new approach to media, combining all the digital….gah!” – Jack, getting in a pretty good dig at former NBC head Ben Silverman