Jeff Labrecque
October 28, 2009 AT 07:31 PM EDT

Weather permitting, the World Series begins tonight in New York, pitting the revered Yankees against the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies. It’s a great baseball matchup (even if you’re a miserable Mets fan who’s genetically programmed to despise both teams), featuring MVP winners like Alex Rodriguez (pictured) and Ryan Howard and the unintentional comedy of Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel, who is a jarring reminder that baseball should end the tradition of coaches wearing uniforms.

But maybe you could care less who wins the Series. Maybe the next week or so is just a rude interruption of your TV time. Sure, MLB and Fox have arranged for the cast of Glee to sing the national anthem before Game 3 in Philadelphia. But I don’t think that’s going to placate fans of the Fox show, who must be rooting for a quick four-game sweep so that their characters can return promptly next Wednesday.

Glee is not the only victim. Fans of Bones, Fringe, and the Sunday night cartoon lineup are out of luck as well. If you’re not a fan of the sport (You commie!), which shows will you be sampling on other stations while I’m second-guessing late-inning pitching changes and taking bets on CC Sabathia’s actual weight?

Photo Credit: Rodriguez: Rob Carr/AP Images; Glee: Carin Baer/Fox

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