Style Hunter: You liked it? Here's how to get it! |


Style Hunter: You liked it? Here's how to get it!

Where you can find Ted Danson's tie from ''Bored to Death,'' Tina Fey's pajamas from ''30 Rock,'' and more

I fell in love with Tina Fey’s cupcake pj’s on 30 Rock. Who made them?
— Holly
Even though having Tracy (Tracy Morgan) as an impromptu houseguest was a total ”blerg” moment, Liz (Fey) looked sleepover-ready in her P.J. Salvage pajamas. Hers are no longer available, but you can get a similar look with their ”Sweetcakes” set (; $60).

Ted Danson was wearing a hummingbird tie on Bored to Death. I want it!
— Chris
George (Danson) wore’s ”Pretty Realistic” hummingbird necktie ($41), a choice inspired by show creator Jonathan Ames’ own tie. ”Women were always drawn to it,” says Ames. ”I wore it on set and the makeup mistress said, ‘I love your tie! Are those hummingbirds?”’

Can you find Olivia’s necklace from FlashForward?
— Nicole
Sonya Walger’s Olivia is tormented by the vision of cheating on her husband, but at least she has karma on her side — literally — with Dogeared’s gold ”Karma” necklace (; $108).