Owen Gleiberman
November 04, 2009 AT 09:18 PM EST

In case you haven’t been to the movies lately, the world is coming to an end. But does it end with a bang — or a monologue?

To find out, check out this nifty mash-up of the trailers for 2012, the apocalypse-now thriller set to open on Nov. 13, and Collapse, the sensational new documentary (here’s my original review) in which author/alarmist/visionary/conspiracy theorist Michael Ruppert spends 82 mesmerizing minutes talking about what he thinks is going to happen to the United States. (Warning: It’s not a pretty picture.)

These movies would seriously make a great double bill. The time could hardly be more right for them, since both films exploit vogue-ish variations on the imagination of disaster to tap into our most primal fears. So which end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it spectacle do you plan to see — 2012 or Collapse? The popcorn Armaggeddon or the eggheaded doomsday? Or both?

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