Annie Barrett
November 06, 2009 AT 05:47 PM EST

Last night’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia reached unprecedented levels of brilliant idiocy as the gang attempted to capitalize on the existence of Paddy’s Pub with some completely unrelated merch. The episode’s not online yet, but YouTube has Charlie’s “Kitten Mittens” pitch and a full-length infomercial for Dennis and Mac’s D— Towel (NSFW link). Let’s play This or That after you’ve had the chance to watch both videos after the jump. Sidenote: Did anyone catch Rock of Love season 1 runner-up Heather Chandler (pictured) playing a prostitute in the lawyer’s office? Her latest handkerchief shirt was a bit more classy than what she used to wear on Vh1. Demure gold jewelry, too! She’s really stepped it up lately. NSFW images ahead.

Charlie’s brainchild, “Kitten Mittons” [sic]. Charlie’s use of ‘o’ in the fairly common word mittens was probably my favorite detail of the episode.

Dennis and Mac’s D— Towel

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