Michael Ausiello
November 09, 2009 AT 09:54 PM EST

Warning: If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy lovebirds Mark and Lexie, grab a defibrillator before reading.

The early 2010 Grey’s/Private Practice crossover I told you about last week will find the doctor formerly known as McSteamy spending some quality time with his currently single ex, Addison. “They’ve both really grown up since they were together, and most of the animosity that they had is gone,” says Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of both shows. “Now they’re friends, but they may end up falling back into their old patterns while they’re together.”

But wait, there’s more (so keep those paddles handy). As you know, the reason Mark pages Addison to Seattle Grace (and what prompts him to visit her in L.A. in the second hour of the crossover) is that he needs her to perform surgery on a woman from his past (played by Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles alum Leven Rambin, who first airs on Nov. 19). But here’s where the plot thickens: One possibly-true rumor making the rounds is that the woman — make that girl — is Mark’s daughter! And she’s pregnant!

Rhimes isn’t commenting on the Papa McSteamy buzz, but she does acknowledge that Rambin’s character represents a “new obstacle for [Mark and Lexie]… I’m not sure it’s the kind of obstacle people are expecting, but it’s definitely a new one. I’m not sure they’ll stick together through it.”

Okay, you can go ahead and use those paddles now.


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