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'New Moon': EW's candid chat with the stars

'New Moon': EW's candid chat with the stars -- Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart talk about rumors, fans, and each other

If this really were high school, they’d never be friends.

The young stars of New Moon, the new installment in the ridiculously successful Twilight film franchise, walk into the penthouse suite of a Vancouver hotel that has served as home base during the shooting of Eclipse, the third film to be adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance novels. On the streets below, newsstands are covered with magazines speculating about a supposedly torrid offscreen romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. One even declares that the two have moved in together and are nesting like an old married couple. Alas, their home is actually this hotel, which they share with thousands of roommates. ”Yes,” smirks Stewart. ”You’re sleeping over at our house now. Welcome.”

Stewart, 19, who plays Meyer’s moody heroine Bella, has thrown her dyed black hair into a haphazard ponytail. Pattinson, 23, who plays undead dreamboat Edward Cullen, looks bleary-eyed and rumpled underneath a New York Yankees cap. Taylor Lautner, 17, who secured his role as Bella’s pining best friend Jacob by packing on 30 pounds of muscle, is well-scrubbed, wearing a fitted leather jacket. He is religious about his ChapStick. Yes, these three admit they would have eaten at different lunch tables in the school cafeteria. But in the Twilight universe, they are a united front, with an affection for one another that’s undeniable.

EW: How are you all coping with living in a fishbowl? Rob, you always come off as kind of amused by everything.
Robert Pattinson It really depends on the mood. When I met you last year [before Twilight came out], I was doing interviews very sporadically and I never got recognized. Now it’s like anywhere I go there’s immediate recognition. So there’s more of a responsibility…
Kristen Stewart [To Pattinson] You’re not just any famous person. Edward Cullen is such an icon. When you see people on the street, it’s not just that they feel like they know you. It’s like they need you. You can complete a very personal aspect of their lives.
Pattinson Yes, so I have to go around completing people. [Laughing at himself] It’s a curse!
Stewart I don’t mind working every day. It’s just, suddenly I have this other role. And that’s really disappointing. All I’d like to do is go outside with a book and figure out what to do with the day. And if I can’t do that, then I’m just going to sit in my hotel room on my balcony and chainsmoke. [Pauses] I’m going to stop smoking. I’m not such a good smoker, anyway. It’s not in my bones. I’m gonna drop it.
Pattinson The three of us have been working for two years [straight]. It does feel like your day has a shape just as soon as you wake up. I just forget what it’s like when you’re free.

EW: Rob, during our last interview, we wandered unbothered around Hollywood before ending up at some little dive bar.

Pattinson That was a different world. I miss that so much. The idea of going to an interview now, unaccompanied, and saying, ”Hey, let’s go to a bar…” Jesus Christ, I’d have so many [studio] people on my ass.

EW: Last year, you couldn’t wait to see Mickey Rourke in The Wrestle. A few months later you were sitting directly behind him at the Oscars.
Pattinson [Laughs] Literally, when they showed me the seating arrangement I just thought, Why?! Someone is trying to make everyone say, ”Who the f— does this guy think he is?”
Stewart And the camera kept going back to them, and Rob’s just sitting there trying to look serious.
Pattinson That was crazy. I drove to the Oscars in my little old car — which I don’t even know where it is anymore.

EW: Dude, where’s your car?
Pattinson I lost it! And I borrowed a fancy car for five days and crashed it.
Stewart Because he was running from the paparazzi.
Pattinson People never followed me when I had my little old BMW.

EW: You were adamant back then about not getting a publicist. Have you since changed your mind?
Pattinson No. My manager always tells me, ”Robert, you really need a publicist.” And I say, ”Oh, but you’re doing such a great job with the publicity.”
Stewart [Laughing] His manager has to work 10 times harder.
Pattinson [To Stewart and Taylor Lautner] Your publicists are really nice, but to this day I still haven’t seen what the point is in having one. Other than getting free stuff.
Stewart Yeah, but the free stuff all goes through your manager now.
Pattinson I never get any free stuff! But I do catch [my manager] wearing a lot of new things lately. [Laughter]