Tanner Stransky
November 13, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

There was a time — like, in the era of NBC’s Friends — when the post-Super Bowl spot was the most-watched telecast on broadcast television besides, well, the big game itself. (Can you believe Friends drew 52 million in its post-Bowl performance?) And while the spot isn’t quite as lustrous as it once was (the American Idol finale seems to be a the lead-in du jour), let’s get real: Everyone wants a piece of the nearly 100 million viewers the Super Bowl draws. So this year the Super Bowl is on CBS, and the Hollywood Reporter has identified four potentials for the plum programming: The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Survivor.

Basically, we’ve got a youthful sitcom option, two procedural drama options, and a reality-stalwart option. From where I’m sitting — as a rather young person, which the networks want to draw — the only remotely appealing of the four is The Big Bang Theory, which has become one of TV’s great comedies in its three seasons on the air. While it’s definitely doing well in the ratings (Bang drew 12.7 million viewers last week), the show could use the bump in exposure — even more folks need to discover this show and help it take down Two and a Half Men as TV’s top comedy!

But that’s just my opinion. PopWatchers, who should get the super post-Super Bowl spot? Answer in the poll below! (And please tell me in the comments if you’ve got other ideas about what other CBS show should fill the slot — and why!)

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