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First Look: 'How I Met Your Mother' Thanksgiving episode slaps

Don’t worry, How I Met Your Mother fans: There will be slaps. Not only will the series’ Nov. 23 Thanksgiving episode feature a guest star – Chris Elliott (pictured), as Lily’s estranged dad – but also the long-awaited fourth slap in Marshall and Barney’s Slap Bet. (The Bet’s hardly over though — Barney’s still anticipating one more strike!) “There’s a little bit of a twist on the slap this year,” says executive producer Carter Bays. “The Slap Bet commissioner makes an interesting ruling that I can’t reveal.” What Bays can reveal is why they invited Chris Elliott in on the fun. “He’s a hero of mine,” he says. “We realized we hadn’t ever met Lily’s dad, and I felt like, at this point, why haven’t we met him?” We bet Barney will wish he never had.

For more slaptastic action, head over to Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page for four additional slap shots.

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Originally posted November 18 2009 — 4:44 PM EST

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