Kerrie Mitchell
November 19, 2009 AT 12:45 PM EST

Is Jimmy Fallon a Twi-hard? I think he must be. On Late Night tonight, he got all wide-eyed and fluttery over a still-ailing Kristen Stewart, who was making the last stop on her New Moon publicity tour. (Fallon joked early that there were hundreds of people outside before the show screaming his name—so he would get the hell out of the way because Bella was on the premises.) Jimmy had just seen the movie and was ready to gush about Stewart’s performance, the casting, the effects, the graphics, the music, and Taylor Lautner’s abs. Like Mandi, I find Stewart’s awkwardness endearing (if painful to watch sometimes), but she warmed up to Jimmy’s hyper patter, revealing that she recently met Martha Stewart who only wanted to talk about Robert Pattinson and the dream she’d had about him once. (Is Martha a Twi-hard? I think she must be.) Then Jimmy invited Stewart to throw giant footballs at plates as he held them aloft, to see how many she could break. And wouldn’t you know it: She did pretty darn well for someone in a tiny black dress. Did you watch (video embedded after the jump)? How relieved did she look that a vacation was only minutes away?

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