Mandi Bierly
December 07, 2009 AT 09:00 PM EST

Naturally, after reading the brief history of the word “Heavage” on Schott’s Vocab, I was obligated to blog it. Man cleavage is apparently in right now. Here, we see Alexander Skarsgard rocking some on True Blood, and here, we see him doing so in real life.

He’s not the only believer in popping a few buttons. Who does heavage best, currently and all-time? I’m gonna go with Skarsgard and Michael Bolton, respectively. As I told the latter in 2005, rewatching his old music videos I came to appreciate the way he always knew exactly how many buttons to undo for “maximum hotness.” I tried to get the equation and failed. Any ideas?

Photo credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

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