EW Staff
December 10, 2009 AT 05:00 PM EST

Well, Glee may be gone until April (sniff, sniff) but last night’s episode “Sectionals” was so great that I think these kids deserve some holiday cheer. EW asked some of Glee’s writers to think of the best gifts for their characters. Here are their ideas — many of which you can buy online for yourself or the Gleek in your life.

For Kurt:

Blue chain link scarf from Barneys

GTV 250 Vespa scooter

For Mercedes:

Emilio Pucci moonboots

Under a Groove, Funkadelic 3-CD box set

For Tina:

3OH!3 Bubble bolt hoodie

Raw color kryptonite green hair dye

For Sue:

Viking Head Mount Night Vision Goggles

Juicy Couture Velour Short-Sleeve Track Suit

For Finn:

New Kiss album Sonic Boom

Beatles Rock Band

For Rachel:

Calvin Klein Three-Piece Pant Suit

Free People Sparkle Legwarmers

Pink Milano Business Women’s Briefcase

For Artie:

Tessier Wheelchair Ski

Vintage Reebok Pump Voltrons

So, Glee fans, what do you think? Are these the best gifts for our beloved gang from McKinley? What other gifts would you suggest? Personally, I’d say Sue needs a bow-and-arrow and we could give Will a cute bow-tie to wear with his famous sweater vests. And for lothario Puck? Perhaps scented candles, condoms and a Luther Vandross CD?

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