Adam B. Vary
December 14, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Yeah, this music video love note by Glee star Mark Salling to his show’s cast and crew is about six weeks old, and most self-respecting Gleeks probably devoured it long ago. But it’s so unexpectedly sweet — and we here at PopWatch central are apparently suffering from such acute Glee withdrawl — that I couldn’t help but share it. (Salling’s one second of shirtlessness at the beginning has nothing to do with my interest, either.)

I’m personally partial to Salling’s musical shout-outs to co-stars Dianna Agron (Quinn), Kevin McHale (Artie), and Chris Colfer (Kurt), and let me just warn you now that Googling “ookie cookie” provides a decidedly NSFW answer. (Though you gotta wonder what exactly the story is behind that line. On second thought, no, you really, really don’t.) I’m not entirely sure what to make of Josh “Jacob Ben Israel” Sussman’s awkward joke about change at the end, but it only adds to the endearing in-jokey feeling to the whole project. What do you make of it all, P’Dubs? Does it make you miss Glee even more, or wish Salling could show off his gentle singer-songwriter pipes more often?

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