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December 14, 2009 AT 06:00 PM EST

We’re in the Semifinals of our Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown (see full bracket here).

Semifinals, “Real” Lives: My Super Sweet 16 vs. Dog the Bounty Hunter

Here’s what some fans had to say during the first round of voting:

“et” on My Super Sweet 16: “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say My Super Sweet Sixteen is proof of the end of Western civilization. (That’s not to say I haven’t seen the entirety of most of the early seasons.)”

Cowboy Roy on Dog the Bounty Hunter: “It should be a crime to be able to kick so much ass. And the Dogisms … don’t even get me started!”

Relive some classic moments on video — and vote — after the jump.

My Super Sweet 16

Dog the Bounty Hunter

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