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Snappy Judgments: 2009 Golden Globe nods (TV)

I’m Doing Cartwheels Over:
* Big love for Big Love! Nods for best drama, Bill Paxton (lead actor) and Chloe Sevigny (supporting actress)!
* True Blood for best drama!
* Glee’s Jane Lynch up for best supporting actress!
* Modern Family makes the best comedy cut!
* Jane Adams’ hilarious Hung pimp scores a supporting actress mention!
* Edie Falco gets a lead actress shout-out for Nurse Jackie.
* John Lithgow carves out a best supporting nod for Dexter.
* Julianna Margulies up for The Good Wife.

I’m Rolling My Eyes About:

* Entourage for best comedy? Instead of Nurse Jackie?
* I love Glee’s Matthew Morrison, but I’m not convinced he delivered one of the top five male comedy performances of the year.

* Hey, HFPA: I’d like to introduce you to Jim Parsons. Solid actor. You should check out his work on this little show called The Big Bang Theory. Speaking of which…
* Bupkis for The Big Bang Theory, Friday Night Lights (Connie?! Kyle?!), Chuck (Zach?!), and Breaking Bad (Bryan?! Aaron?!)
* No Katey Sagal for Sons of Anarchy? Hasn’t the woman endured enough this season?
* Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss gets passed over.
* No love for the cast of Modern Family.
* Where’s Nathan Fillion? And John Noble? And Busy Phillips? And Amy Poehler?

Who/what did I forget? View the complete list of this year’s TV nominations and sound off below!