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December 15, 2009 AT 08:32 PM EST

Among Glee’s TV-pack-leading four Golden Globe nominations this morning were actor nods for stars Matthew Morrison, who plays William McKinley High School’s glee club coach Will Schuester, Lea Michele, who plays glee club’s obnoxious-yet-talented singer Rachel Berry, and Jane Lynch, who plays Will’s nemesis, the bare-knuckle-competitive coach of the Cheerios (WMHS’s championship-winning cheerleading squad), Sue Sylvester.

We got the three stars on the phone today to ask about their red-hot new show and find out what it was like to be nominated for Globes just halfway through its first season. Read the Q&A with Michele below, then check out our interviews with Lynch and Morrison.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You got up at 5 a.m. to hear the nominations?

LEA MICHELE: I was just looking on my computer, and I couldn’t find anything. So then I decided to turn the TV on, and the minute I turned the TV on, the first name I heard was my name. It was crazy. I just couldn’t believe — and I still can’t believe — that I was nominated in the category that I’m in, with the caliber of actresses I’m amongst. It’s such an out-of-body experience, really.

What’s the best “congratulations” you’ve received so far?

Probably the most realistic one, which was my mom, who was like, “I will give you a proper congratulations when I snap out of this shock.” [Laughs]

Is there anything special being done on the set for you guys today?

We’re filming in a couple of weeks, and right now, we’re just starting to rehearse musical numbers and get into the recording studio. I’m walking from set to the dance studio right now. I’m sure us kids will all get together and do something a little bit later, but right now, it’s right back to work here.

That’s no fun!

I know, right? Wouldn’t it be great if they had, like, buses to take us all to Disney World today or something like that? “I thought we were going to go to Magic Mountain!” [Laughs] Maybe next year.

Did you cry watching the fall finale like we all did?

Ohmygod, I cried so much filming the fall finale that I seriously had zero tears left. I haven’t been able to cry since then because I literally drained myself of all of my tears saying goodbye to the cast because we weren’t sure if we were gonna get picked up for the back nine or if that was gonna be the last episode. The last number I did was “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” That’s the last thing we filmed. The first time I cried since then was today, driving to work after hearing the nominations and just realizing how far we’ve come since we first started filming the show.

What are you most looking forward to about Golden Globes night?

I’m just really excited to get to go. I’m gonna bring my mom. I just want to sit back and be a fly on the wall. That’s really all I want to do. I just want to sit, watch everyone, see all the people who are there, and probably have a heart attack when they announce the nominees for my category. To hear my name between Edie Falco and Toni Collette is just crazy.

Just FYI: I hear the bathroom is a good place to hang out if you want to be a fly on the wall. We always try to have a reporter there.

[Laughs] I would never want to pull a Christine Lahti and be stuck in the bathroom, so I’m gonna stay out of there, that’s for sure.

You’re so giddy about your nomination. So giddy, in fact, that you’re now going to let your guard down and slip me what scoop about the spring episodes?

Nothing! [Laughs] Absolutely nothing! Just because I’m practically delirious right now about my Golden Globe nomination doesn’t mean that I’m going to spill anything! I will say that the music is gonna be amazing and the scripts are fantastic. We have Jonathan Groff [her Spring Awakening cast mate], my best friend in the whole world, who was with me this morning when I found out about the nomination, on the show with me. It’s gonna be great.

Last question: If you could use your new status as a Golden Globe nominee to make one star demand, what would it be?

If it could get me into Katsuya without a reservation, that would be amazing. Easy access to sushi without a reservation would be amazing. [Laughs]

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/Fox

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