Ken Tucker
December 15, 2009 AT 03:01 PM EST

Although its plot had no suspense and holes you could drive a truck with a bomb through (we knew there was no way that truck was going to explode when the star of the show, Tim Roth, was standing beside it, right?), and its subplot was as cutesy as all get-out, Lie To Me was extremely entertaining last night, I thought.

There’s something about this season that’s just clicking. I could spend an hour just watching Roth’s Cal Lightman glower at clueless clients and Kelli Williams wiggle down the hall of The Lightman Group in a tight dress every week, couldn’t you?

To be sure, the main story, about a trucker who claimed to have a bomb set to go off unless he spoke to the President about his foreclosed family-farm, had its moments of tension. And the subplot was the one most EW readers would have tuned in for, since it featured Buffy/Dr. Horrible star Felicia Day as a teacher who somehow thought it would be a good idea to bring third-graders to see Roth’s Cal scowl as an educational day-trip

But that subplot permitted Lie co-star Brendan Hines to strum a guitar and sing a sweet harmony with Day, and both of them got along just swell.

As for the trucker, well, I looked at that portion of the episode as an excuse for Lie To Me to bring in that fine character actor Miguel Ferrer to do what he always does: make a thankless role (this time, as a grumpy FBI official) seem like a human being.

Put Roth and Ferrer in the same room and you’ve got some clever acting going on. I was sorry that last night was Lie To Me‘s fall finale.

I look forward to its return. Do you?

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