Annie Barrett
December 18, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

For me, it was a toss-up between The Office and Modern Family this year. The Dundler-Mifflin Christmas party was sort of like Halloween in that the outfits were so festive they could have counted as costumes. Stanley the mailman’s Christmas sweater was the best, though the Dunphys’ knit-based monstrosities on Modern Family, issued on high via webcam from half of Fred Willard’s face, were a bit louder. Don’t miss this holiday greetings e-card from 20th Century Fox, featuring two executives posing as a Modern Family married couple along with confessionals from the real MF cast.

There were follies aplenty at Parks and Recreation‘s Pawnee’s Winter Wonderland. Community attempted to engage in non-denominational holiday spirit with Dean Pelton’s Mr. Winter (“It ’tis the season!”) even though Shirley insisted everyone wear What Would Baby Jesus Do bracelets and attend her Christmas party. She’d get along well with former santa Michael Scott, who tried his hand at “healing leopards” as Jesus Christ. The Christmassy parts of 30 Rock mostly revolved around gift-giving…speaking of which, a very special holiday episode of Bones gave us the gift of shirtless Booth, not to mention Emily Deschanel’s sister Zooey as a guest star. Take it from Mandi: “Santa teeth and bones as shrapnel = kinda awesome.” Old Christine finally left her house to attend a holiday party hosted by Molly Shannon. The band Train and a Santa Claus popped up in CSI: NY, but the episode also featured Kim Kardashian so that one’s kind of a wash. I could be missing plenty of other Christmas episodes from scripted series — let me know what they were in the comments.

What’s been your favorite holiday episode, P-Dubs? And who destroys a Christmas tree better: Phil or Dwight?

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