Michael Ausiello
December 18, 2009 AT 10:33 PM EST

Bon Temps-bound Joe Manganiello is making a little pit stop in Tree Hill.

The actor, whose career got a monster-sized boost earlier this week when he was cast as werewolf Alcide on True Blood, has signed on to reprise his role as Brooke’s alcoholic ex, Owen, on One Tree Hill for an episode.

Manganiello will squeeze in his OTH comeback before beginning work on True Blood in late January.

When last seen in season 6, Owen was heading off to rehab. What brings him back? Beats me. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say he’ll add another layer of tension to Brooke’s already-rocky romance with Julian. At least that’s what EW’s Jennifer Armstrong theorizes. I’m a little behind on OTH.

Thoughts? Excited to get another Owen fix? Happy to see that Manganiello hasn’t forgotten his roots? Sound off below!

Photo Credit: Manganiel: Austin Gorum/PR Photos; Bush: The CW

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