Annie Barrett
December 21, 2009 AT 08:00 PM EST

Set your DVRs, nerds! Tonight at 9 p.m., PBS airs a repeat of last year’s Dance in America: San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker, hosted by Dancing With the Stars‘ season 6 winner winner Kristi Yamaguchi. She does not dance, but we wanted to stage a dramatization of that scenario, at left. I know that if I wasn’t totally committed to keeping up with the PBS schedule (can’t wait for Local Programming at 3 a.m.!), I would have wanted a reminder. My favorite Nutcracker scene is without a doubt the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, because I like to imagine that the fairy is frolicking in a live-action version of the Candy Land board game and that she’s kind of cheating with all those series of intricate steps. (And because the music takes me back to Tetris on NES, but that is secondary.) What’s your favorite scene in The Nutcracker, Pistachio-dubs?

Image credit: Yamaguchi: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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