Kate Ward
December 21, 2009 AT 08:45 PM EST

Today, the 21st of December, marks the shortest day of 2009. Unfortunately, that means I’ll be donating just that much more cash to my electric company today, but it also means the days will start to get longer. (Holla!)

But, about 10 minutes into discovering this fact, I discovered that my pop culture subconscious already seemed to be celebrating the shortest day of the year. How? Not only have I caught up on a DVR’d episode of Jersey Shore — featuring the tiny orange ball of moxie, Snooki — but I also plan on watching a DVR’d showing of School of Rock, featuring the 5’7″ Jack Black. Plus, for whatever reason, the pint-sized Dora the Explorer is currently on my TV — regardless of the fact that I don’t have children and already know how to identify (many) objects. Heck, maybe I’ll even listen to some She Wolf, recorded by the 5’2″ Shakira.

What are you doing for the shortest day of the year, PopWatchers? And who is your favorite tiny celebrity?

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