Michael Ausiello
December 22, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

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Question: Thanks for all the True Blood casting news! Do you have any other scoop on season 3? –JKH

Ausiello: It’s happening: Lafayette is getting a boyfriend! A True insider tells me that Alan Ball is quietly searching for a sexy Latino actor in his 30s to play a lust interest for everyone’s favorite same-gender-lovin’ blood dealer. (Over the summer, Ball confirmed that viewers would see a more “vulnerable” Lafayette in season 3.) Got casting tips? Head to the comments! Here’s one to get you started: Um, Adam Rodriguez, hello.

Question: What else can you tell us about the Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice crossover on Jan. 14? –Sarah

Ausiello: I can’t really tell you anything. I can, however, show you (exclusively!) the moment Addison sets foot back inside Seattle Grace. Scroll down to the bottom of the column and press play!

Question: I was wondering if Zack was going to show up in Bones‘ 100th episode. –Cole

Ausiello: Funny, I was wondering the same thing. So I did some digging and here’s what I turned up: If the scheduling can be worked out, yes, Eric Millegan will appear in the 100th episode. But that’s a big if. (Actually, it’s more of a medium if.)

Question: Got any new Chuck scoop for Chuckmas? –Clauds

Ausiello: I just watched the first three episodes and they’re — no surprise here — aces. The first hour in particular is top-to-bottom sensational. Here are some random spoilery highlights, broken down by episode:

Episode 1 (Jan. 10 @ 9 p.m. ET)

* A recurring character dies.

* We learn that a recurring character is a closeted Wilson Phillips fan.

* The first two items may be connected.

* The action picks up *** months later.

* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Episode 2 (Jan. 10 @ 10 p.m. ET)

* Sarah’s spy buddy Carina returns.

* We catch a rare glimpse of Morgan’s huge **e**e* collection.

* Morgan has *e**** **t********!

* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

Episode 3 (Jan. 11 @ 8 p.m. ET)

* Big episode for Ryan McPartlin’s Awesome.

* An even bigger episode for Ryan McPartlin’s awesome chest, abs, and biceps.

* Shockingly, there’s not a Subway 6-inch in sight.

* This has nothing to do with episode 3, but I promised I’d get this in: Anyone going to Chuckfest 2010?!

Question: When are you posting your Best of ’09 list? –Jason

Ausiello: When I get around to writing it. (Hint: My 2008 list went up five hours before midnight on Dec. 31.)

Question: I need a Friday Night Lights scoop! –Dave

Ausiello: A major character is going to get arrested. (Hint: It’s this guy!)

Question: Any news about Jennifer Morrison returning to House? –@Sarrie5

Ausiello: I don’t see it happening, unfortunately. Not only will she be tied up on Broadway until at least the spring, but a source tells me that Morrison has been taking pilot meetings. I think it might be time to — don’t pistol-whip the messenger! — move on.

Question: A little Gossip Girl scoop would make my Christmas wishes come true! –Kirstie

Ausiello: Shortly after the show returns in March, Dan + Vanessa + mojitos = Ay Caramba!

Question: Got any scoop on who Brandon Quinn is playing in Vampire Diaries‘ Jan. 21 episode? –Seth

Ausiello: According to Diaries boss Kevin Williamson, “He’s a vengeful guy with a score to settle with Damon.”

Question: All I want for Christmas is some Burn Notice scoop. Can you help me out? I’ve been a really good girl. –TJ

Ausiello: That’s a lie. According to my notes, you’ve been an absolute menace. Lucky for you I’m grading on a curve this year: A familiar face returns in the season 3 finale (airing March 4), and Michael is forced to make a choice that, per my source, puts him “in the most dangerous situation” he’s ever been in.

Question: I’m dying to find out what song Jane Lynch will be singing on Glee (Ask Ausiello 12/16). Can I please have a hint?

Ausiello: You can have two: 1. Gene Kelly and 2. Fred Astaire.

Question: I’m still reeling from the news that Nurse Jackie dumped Mo-Mo. Have you been able to find out why? –Nick

Ausiello: The closest thing to an explanation I could get was from Haaz Sleiman’s (a.k.a. Mo-Mo) rep, who said Jackie producers felt the character had run its course — which makes me wonder if the producers are watching the same show as the rest of us. The relationship between Jackie and Mo-Mo was a major draw for me. And having seen the first two episodes of season 2, I can tell you that Jackie is suffering without that dynamic. It’s actually one of several problems I had with these episodes, which, in my opinion, are the weakest Jackie installments to date. The stakes don’t seem as high, the writing isn’t as sharp, and the chemistry between the characters feels off. And this is coming from someone who loved the first season. Of course, it’s only the first two episodes. Jackie can still bounce back.

Question: So you’ve just screened the first two episodes of Nurse Jackie. Got any info for us? –Jamie

Ausiello: Here’s something I did find amusing: Producers incorporated Peter Facinelli’s Twitter obsession into the show. Turns out that Dr. Coop has become what Jackie affectionately refers to as a “twittering f—ing d—khead.”

Question: When is Drop Dead Diva coming back? –Holly

Ausiello: Summer 2010. Exact date is TBD.

Question: When you say 24‘s Renee has morphed into a female version of Dexter, what exactly do you mean? –Stefanie

Ausiello: She gets off on hurting bad people.

Question: Got a Medium scoop? –Craig

Ausiello: Joel Moore is returning as Joe’s boss Keith next month. “[Keith] has a little dramatic flair in the next episode [and] my character gets into a very funny situation,” Moore told us at last week’s Avatar premiere. “I think the regular viewers will appreciate it. It’s a lighter episode, but I think it is also the kind of episode that casual Medium viewers will enjoy.”

Question: What else can you tell me about the date between Beckett and Men in Trees‘ Scott Elrod on Castle. Does it go well? –Katie

Ausiello: Nope, it’s pretty much a disaster. Beckett ends up running into Castle, who just so happens to be on a date at the same restaurant. And the fact that his date was recently named one of New York’s most eligible bachelorettes only adds to the tension.

Question: Can you throw a Big Love spoiler my way? –Charlotte

Ausiello: Matthew Humphreys (a.k.a. Supernatural‘s Dixon from 2007’s “Fresh Blood”) has been cast as Ron Reed, the new face of the religious right. The org he works for is anti-gaming, so it’s safe to say he’ll do some head-butting with Bill.

Question: Any word on whether the amazing Tina Majorino will be reprising her role as Heather on Big Love this season? Surely they can’t just leave her storyline hanging like that. –Sophie

Ausiello: She returns in the second episode when bride-to-be Sarah asks her estranged BFF an important question. But what she asks her isn’t nearly as memorable as where she asks it. (Hint: It’s fast and will give you food for thought.)

Question: Riddle me something about How I Met Your Mother‘s 100th episode. –Chad

Ausiello: I can confirm three things: Barney will suffer a devastating personal loss, we will finally see Ted’s baby-mama (but there’s a twist!), and the episode more than lives up to the hype.

That’s a wrap! Send questions/comments/anonymous tips to ausielloscoop@ew.com! Thanks for playing and Happy Holidays! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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