Tanner Stransky
December 23, 2009 AT 05:47 PM EST

She’s back! Carrie Bradshaw, that is. The first trailer for Sex and the City 2 has been released. As much as something inside me wants to just hate all over the fact that they’re doing another movie, I sort of died in a big ol’ fashiony mess as I watched this teaser. Which, to be honest, reveals almost nothing about what’s gonna happen in this installment besides the fact that the ladies seem to trek themselves to the desert. But I’ll stop blabbing and let you just watch it here:

A few takeaways: 1) The use of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s NYC-loving anthem “Empire State of Mind” is perfect for this. I hope they also use it in the movie. 2) There’s entirely too much footage of Charlotte and her baby already. Snooze! (If Carrie similarly gets one of those little beasts, I WILL DIE. And not in a good way.) And 3) I’m living for Carrie’s gold sunglasses and that “J’adore Dior” shirt, which is just like the one Lucy Liu had when she guested on the series as a client of Samantha’s. The crazy turban—not so much living for that.

What do you all think? What are your three takeaways from watching this trailer? Tell me in the comments section below!

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