Josh Rottenberg
December 31, 2009 AT 08:47 PM EST

Singer Van Morrison has denied widely circulated media reports that he recently became a father to a third child, saying that a hacker posted a false announcement on his web site, On Tuesday, a statement briefly appeared on the 64-year-old Morrison’s official web site announcing the birth of George Ivan Morrison and claiming the baby was “the spitting image of his daddy” and was the child of a woman named Gigi Lee. The story was picked up and reported as fact by various news outlets. Morrison, who is married to Michelle Morrison, with whom he has two children, said in a statement, “The comments which appeared on my site did not come from me. They are completely and utterly without foundation.” Noting that this is the second time in the past three months that his site has been hacked, Morrison has asked his management to investigate the matter.

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