Tanner Stransky
January 06, 2010 AT 11:00 AM EST

After Ugly Betty languished on Friday nights from October through December—and dropped a couple million viewers along the way—ABC recently decided to give its one-time hit a better chance of surviving to its fifth season and moved it to the comedy-filled Wednesday nights. And, hark, fans! That night has finally arrived! Tonight, the fabulous gang from Mode makes its debut on Wednesday for the first time. And it’s the first time the show has appeared on a desirable night since last May. Hallelujah!

Now, I’m not judging you, believe me, but I’m more than certain lots of you out there have skipped out on Betty this season—or maybe even last season, too. (Or—gasp!—even season 2.) Well, there’s no time like the present to get back into the fray! Why? Because Betty is, without question, better than ever. The creative juices are flowing at the show’s writing headquarters and—this is a good thing!—the series seems to have recaptured that rather elusive juice that made it so delightful during back in season 1.

So, what I’m saying is: Get back on board, people! To help get you up to speed, I’m presenting the five essential things you must know about the show currently. Read up and then dive back at 10 p.m. on ABC tonight:

• Betty ain’t so ugly anymore. Didja hear? (Or, rather, just see America Fererra’s smiling face above.) Betty got a makeover—lost the bangs, got sleeker glasses, and her clothes are a tad less crazy. And—here’s the big shocker!—she’s losing the braces soon, too. Plus, in case you didn’t watch through last season, she got promoted to Associate Features Editor at Mode, so she’s no longer a lowly assistant. How’s that for injecting life into a storyline? (Also: Her new hot looks may have something to do with the fact that producers are mulling whether to hook her up with former boss, Daniel.)

• Hilda’s packing a sibling for Justin. Yup, that’s right! And if you last knew Hilda to be on the arm of city councilman Archie, you’re out of the loop. Ana Ortiz’s character recently dumped him in favor of bad boy (she’s got a weakness for them—hello Justin’s dad!) Bobby, played by hottie Adam Rodriguez, who’s pictured above with Ortiz. Thing is, as of yet, Bobby doesn’t know she’s pregnant—but the rest of her family does. How much longer can it stay secret? And does she actually want to raise a child with this guy?

• Marc is currently Daniel’s assistant. Weird, right? Earlier this season, Wilhelmina was ousted from Mode, and Daniel needed a new assistant. (That is, after the assistant he originally hired lured him into a cult that nearly killed him. But… that’s another, long, sordid, and now-resolved story.) Willy, however, is likely headed back to Mode (maybe even tonight!), so I wouldn’t expect the dynamic duo to be apart for too long. Which means that Daniel will likely hire another new assistant this season. But the Marc-Daniel pairing has been nice thus far.

• Claire Meade has a long-lost son. Yes, it’s the old soap opera trope! But it works here. Her son—whose father is Meade business savior Cal Hartley, who’s also Betty’s boyfriend Matt Hartley’s dad—is long gone in South Dakota, but she did go visit him for a bit of resolution. But Claire keeps a file handy on him. It’s almost certain that this potentially devastating (for both Claire and Cal) information is sure to fall into the wrong hands soon… And, then, who knows what’ll happen.

• Justin is having a banner season. One of the most moving moments of last fall’s Friday-night episodes was when Justin was crowned Homecoming Queen at his new high school in Queens. Now, I’m not reveling in the fact that his evil classmates did such an embarrassing thing to him—but rather, loving him for how he handled the situation. Rather than running away, Justin walked on stage, accepted the crown, and gave a speech—showing that he was in on the joke and it didn’t bother him. Which was the advice he got from Marc, who’s been side-kicking with him for some of the season. That pairing, too, has been precious. Bravo to Justin, who seems to be on his own personal journey.

So that’s the update, in essence, about where things stand with Ugly Betty since you dropped it. But just know that it’s easy to skip back in — and with this show, you definitely should! So, do you think you will? Are you willing to give Ugly Betty another try?

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