Kristen Baldwin
January 11, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Well that’s one word for tonight’s episode, which featured a bachelorette getting the boot for having an “inappropriate relationship” with a “staffer.” Some other adjectives I might use to describe this evening’s installment include “crazy,” “absurd,” “delicious,” “controversial,” “bizarre” — the list goes on and on. It’s impossible to discuss the drama here without venturing into spoiler territory (click over to my full Bachelor recap for all the gory details, and don’t miss the behind-the-scenes story from Chris Harrison in his exclusive PopWatch blog) so I’ll keep it oblique: OMG, WTF? Are you shocked? Angry? Overjoyed? Confused? Suspicious? And how do you think Jake handled the whole debacle? (I have to say, that guy is polite to a fault.) Work through your emotions below.

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