Ken Tucker
January 13, 2010 AT 02:56 PM EST

Many terrific moments on last night’s typical stupid-ABC-decision-to-burn-off-two-more-episodes-of-Better-Off-Ted:

• Ted telling Phil and Lem, “You guys have more brains than a zombie Thanksgiving”

• Veronica telling Ted that he’s too honest, that taking “the high road leads to Pansytown”

• Phil saying to Lem, with admiration for Ted’s acumen, “We just got teducated

But for me, nothing topped the brief, wonderful moment when rivals Ted and Pete compared notes on their daughters’ “Pioneer Girl” dolls, describing perfectly the American Girl dolls phenomenon:

Can any parent (or child) not relate?

Meanwhile, at the Television Critics Association currently convening in L.A., ABC execs say they haven’t decided on Ted’s future yet. Hey, I think (the already-renewed) The Middle and Cougar Town are just fine, but compared to Ted? ABC needs to get teducated…

UPDATE: Looking to help save Ted? Check out this site:

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