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'30 Rock': Boston backwards

Compared to last week’s killer episodes, “Winter Madness” was something of a letdown. Nancy isn’t funny enough as a romantic foil for Jack – Edie Falco’s Celeste Cunningham, anyone? – and taking the show to Boston without a big Cheers joke just seems off. Still, “Madness” had its moments. These were the 10 best:

“Star, rats, arts, tars..” – Liz, who’s the female Kevin McHale (Here’s a photo. I’m guessing they don’t mean Artie from Glee, although…)

“Nutmeg! Rodeo, rodeo, rodeo!” – Pete, who wants to remind the gentlemen to plan ahead, porn-wise

“I suck? Your Rock & Roll Hall of Fame sucks!” – Tracy, who knows Boston is not going to go well (As an aside, I have been to the R&RHoF, and it’s great!)

“They are all named Sean, they are mean, and I hate it here.” – Kenneth, who is an inventor

“Are you not using an office replication service?” – Jack, who knows their demo is drunken 11-year-olds

“Trying to have it all…it’s wicked hahd!” – Sean, the head writer for Bruins Beat, who knows what it’s like

“Ooh, I would…n’t!” – Kenneth, who’s blaming Liz for winter

“Puuuuurfect, like a cat birthday!” – Tracy, who knows John Hancock blows

“Salem witch trials, the red scare, global warming…” – Jack, who knows the power of a secret enemy

“You marry the butler, and I’ll be the gay octomom.” – Nancy, who doesn’t want to talk about it

Okay, PopWatchers, what was your favorite line last night? No, not Tufts….

Image credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC