Clint Eastwood is America's Favorite Movie Star, Meryl Streep finally shown some love |

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Clint Eastwood is America's Favorite Movie Star, Meryl Streep finally shown some love

Clint Eastwood is America’s Favorite Movie Star, according to the annual Harris Poll. Between December 7 and 14, 2,276 adults took part in an online survey that awarded the Gran Torino star and Invictus director the title he’d previously held in 1994, 1997, and 2006. Below, your Top 10. After the jump, the favorites broken down by sex, generation, political slant, and geography.

1. Clint Eastwood (was No. 2 last year after dropping off the list in 2007)
2. Johnny Depp (up from No. 8 last year; No. 1 among women, Echo Boomers (18-32) and in the South)
3. Denzel Washington (down from No. 1, a spot he’d held since 2006; No. 1 among Democrats)
4. Sandra Bullock (the Golden Globe winner’s previous best was No. 9 in 2007, last year she didn’t make the cut; No. 1 among Gen X (33-44) and in the South)
5. Tom Hanks (the former three-time champ is up from No. 7 last year)
6. George Clooney (his highest finish, the last time he was on the list was 2006 when he was No. 9)
7. John Wayne (only person in the Top 10 to be on the countdown every year since 1994)
8. Meryl Streep (15 Oscar nominations, including two wins, and it’s her first year on the list!)
9. Morgan Freeman (holds at No. 9 from last year, his first on the countdown)
10. Julia Roberts (her lowest spot on the list since the 2001 title holder made her debut in 1999)

Names that dropped off this year’s list: Will Smith (tied for No. 3 last year), Harrison Ford (No. 5 last year), and Angelina Jolie (tied for No. 9 last year).

Favorite Movie Star Among:
Men: Clint Eastwood
Women: Johnny Depp
Republican: Clint Eastwood
Democrat: Denzel Washington
Independent: Clint Eastwood
Echo Boomers (18-32): Johnny Depp
Gen X (33-44): Sandra Bullock
Baby Boomers (45-63): Clint Eastwood
Matures (64+): Clint Eastwood
East: Clint Eastwood
Midwest: Johnny Depp
South: Sandra Bullock
West: Clint Eastwood

Any surprises?

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