Michael Ausiello
January 26, 2010 AT 08:37 PM EST

The Michael Weston-fronted House spin-off may have been condemned, but Fox remains keen on expanding the franchise. Network president Kevin Reilly tells me the hit’s EPs, David Shore and Katie Jacobs, have a “standing offer” to create another series. “It could be a direct spin-off or a completely new show,” says Reilly. “Ideally, I would love David and Katie to have their own [two-hour block].”

Regarding the duo’s first stab at a House offshoot, the one that would’ve focused on Weston’s private detective, Lucas Douglas, Reilly says they “kind of stuck their toe in the water and just didn’t feel like it worked. The [character] worked [on] House, but [he] didn’t really work as [his] own thing.

“They have really high standards,” he adds. “These are not guys who commercially are going to chase something just to announce they have a spinoff and then figure out the show later on. They’re probably the most thorough producers… I’ve ever worked with.”

For her part, Jacobs is game to try again. “I would like to do a 9 o’clock show,” she says. “Maybe a spin-off or maybe just another show from the two of us.” (Shore is currently shepherding a remake of The Rockford Files for NBC.) One way or another, she’s resigned herself to the fact that a new show is “the only way I seem to be able to penetrate the 9 o’clock hour” now that House is firmly entrenched at 8. “As a producer, you would never pick Mondays at 8. But having said that, the network put [House] there, and it seems to be working so I think they’re smarter about these things than we are. So we’re probably going to stay at 8.”

What say you House fans? Would you rather Shore and Jacobs revisit the idea of a House spin-off or develop something completely different? And if you pick the former, share your dream spin-off scenarios below!

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