Simon Vozick-Levinson
January 28, 2010 AT 08:04 PM EST

A child advocacy group is distributing over a thousand sex offender registry advisory” postcards to homes in Miami Gardens, Fla. this week to warn them of an allegedly dangerous man who is expected in the neighborhood soon (hat tip to Gawker). Their target: Pete Townshend, lead guitarist for the Who, the halftime band for Super Bowl XLIV at nearby Sun Life Stadium on Feb. 7. This comes a few weeks after similar groups asked the NFL to ban Townshend from performing at the Super Bowl, to no avail.

All this commotion stems from the guitarist’s 2003 arrest for accessing child pornography on the Web. Townshend admitted he had done so, but maintained that he was only conducting research for a memoir about his own history of abuse as a child; London police ultimately declined to file charges. It was an unfortunate episode, to be sure, but the idea that local residents need to worry about Townshend marauding their streets seems a little far-fetched, no?

We’ve reached out to the child advocacy group and the Who for comment. In the meantime, what do you think of this story?

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