Annie Barrett
February 01, 2010 AT 05:00 PM EST

Hmmm. Choosing a side in this arbitrary pitting of singer vs. actor is going to be tough. Pink showered the Grammys swaybots (and hopefully Lady Gaga, who was dressed to complement rain in the audience) with water as she executed a mid-level Cirque du Soleil routine the Québécois are calling “tres mignon.” But in Jon Hamm‘s digital short on Saturday Night Live, the actor and reborn sax maniac emerged from the womb of Kristen Wiig and wailed on that instrument full force, because that’s what Sergio was put on this planet by homeless Fred Armisen to do.

Neither was quite naked — Pink seems to be revealing more skin, but there’s actually a lot of fabric involved there. Jon Hamm is wearing pants, but the sheer surface area of his glistening upper body and the ridiculous element of suspenders somehow makes him equivalent to three completely naked regular people. Does Sergio, who neither sang nor spun, ultimately get the edge for experimenting with different fluids? You decide.

Oh, and if you thought Pink’s performance deserved more than a C+, sound off in our Grammys Performances: We Grade ‘Em! photo gallery.

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