Ken Tucker
February 02, 2010 AT 06:22 PM EST

During a heated discussion this morning on The View about where the 9/11 terrorist trials should be held, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shouted, “Put Bush on trial!”

“That’s a very good idea, Elisabeth,” said Joy Behar.

The context? Goldberg raised the “hot topic” that the Obama administration is backing away from its decision to hold a trial in Manhattan:

Where, asked Goldberg in her role as moderator, should it be held? Guantanamo?, she suggested.

“A military tribunal,” Hasselbeck shot back — but her shot missed, since the question wasn’t what kind of trial but where. Hasselbeck wanted to start talking about a civil trial versus a military tribunal. “This was being done to expose things about the Bush administration,” said Hasselbeck in response to… well, in response to nothing anyone else was saying. “Put Bush on trial!” she concluded triumphantly. I think she was being sarcastic. But some in the audience applauded.

“Did you lose anyone on 9/11?” Hasselbeck demanded of Behar. “Did you lose anyone you know? Because I did. Thank you. So that person who brought that here should not be tried in New York City.”

Someone get both MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow  and Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly on the phone — I don’t think Whoopi Goldberg or Barbara Walters (the latter not on the panel today) is able to adjudicate this one…

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