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Demetri Martin's 'Bruce the Funny Dog' sketch: Maybe I don't hate dogs as much as I think...

Last night, Comedy Central’s Important Things with Demetri Martin returned. Now, I can’t claim to be a rabid Demetri Martin follower, but I stumbled across the show and died when I saw his “Bruce the Funny Dog” sketch. Before we go any further, a disclaimer: I really hate dogs. I know, it makes me sound completely evil to many of you. But: I’m a cat person. The funny thing is, though, the sheer cuteness of the dog in this sketch — and its overall ridiculous hilarity — really melted me. Maybe I do love dogs and never knew it? Anywho, enjoy Bruce here:

My favorite look: soccer clown king. ("I don't even know what this joke is! What's your concept??") Or maybe when little Bruce is wearing a pink wig and glasses, just after you heard that the family's friend/family/whoever Ann died. "He's dressed just like her," says the wife. Hehehe.

Did you catch this sketch last night and love it, too? Are you a cat-lover-turned-dog-lover now, like me?? What else was good from last night's Important Things?

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Originally posted February 5 2010 — 10:13 AM EST

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