EW Staff
February 05, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

1. Hollywood Week on American Idol

So long, audition rounds. Make way for Hollywood Week drama! Tune in to see the talent, the tears, and the tussle — especially the one brewing between Simon and new judge Ellen DeGeneres.

2. Black Dynamite on DVD

If you’ve got a superbad sweet tooth for funky 1970s blaxploitation flicks like Shaft, Super Fly, and Dolemite, then Black Dynamite is the movie for you. Michael Jai White (right) stars in this spoof about an Afroed ex-CIA agent who comes armed with a .44 Magnum, nunchakus, and a killer instinct with the ladies.

3. Pawn Stars on the History channel

A family-owned pawn shop outside Las Vegas tries to price people’s treasures. One thing’s for sure: This reality series is worth a bundle.

4. How to Report the News on Newswipe

In this YouTube video from the BBC series, comic Charlie Brooker (above) gleefully dissects the clichés of TV news segments.

5. Caprica on Syfy

Going through Battlestar Galactica withdrawal? Syfy has the cure. We’re geeking out over the network’s spin-off/prequel set 58 years before the dearly departed BSG. Caprica, which stars Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz as pals who share a tragic bond, is part family drama, part mystery, part sci-fi epic — but all frakkin’ good.

6. ”Up Out My Face” video, Mariah Carey

Mimi, saucily assisted by Lil Wayne protégée Nicki Minaj, delivers a delicious, high-camp clip, all done up in a candy-apple-red and white color scheme and directed by her hubby, Nick Cannon, no less.

7. Soldier of Love, Sade

A decade after their last album, the U.K. R&B act (led by the singer of the same name) returns with a new set of smooth grooves. The whole band is in top form — especially Sade herself. That voice!

8. The Postmistress, by Sarah Blake

Author Blake has crafted a stunning, heartbreaking novel about three WWII-era women whose fates are intertwined. The Help‘s Kathryn Stockett raved about it — and you will too.

9. Hunger on DVD

If you walked out of Inglourious Basterds curious to know more about actor Michael Fassbender (above), then rent this gut-wrenching Criterion release in which he plays Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands.

10. Bioshock 2

Hop inside the hulking suit of a Big Daddy and return to the vast submerged city of Rapture in the highly anticipated videogame sequel, set 10 years after the events of 2007’s Ayn Rand-ian tour-de-force original, Bioshock. The new game — available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs — now features online multiplayer.

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