EW Staff
February 05, 2010 AT 05:00 AM EST

The distinguished movie producer David Brown died on Feb. 1 at the age of 93. Some highlights from his extremely varied and productive life:

1. He taught Steven Spielberg a thing or two.
Brown and partner Richard Zanuck produced The Sugarland Express (1974) and Jaws (1975). ”We all remember our favorite teacher — captivating, wise, humorous, and very kind,” Spielberg says now. ”David Brown was like that for me. He and Richard Zanuck…were wonderful mentors to me on my first two pictures. In the middle of shooting Jaws, David said to me, ‘No matter my age, I will always feel 30!’ I’ve been living by that ever since.”

2. He produced two Best Picture winners.
Namely, The Sting (1973) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989).

3. He was a Cosmo guy.
Brown, also an author and journalist, married legendary Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown in 1959.

4. He was the definition of class.
A theater producer on top of everything else, Brown brought Aaron Sorkin’s play A Few Good Men to New York and made it into a hit movie. Sorkin told The New York Times: ”He was the last great gentleman producer. You’re not going to see his kind again.”

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