Michael Ausiello
February 08, 2010 AT 11:31 PM EST

Dear Sally: I’ve got good news and bad news. First, the good news: I’m hearing that Keri Russell has been on the receiving end of multiple pilot offers in recent weeks. That’s right, my BFF might be coming back to TV! Now, the bad news: So far she’s not biting. (At least it’s bad news for those of us who have been missing our weekly Keri fix since Felicity went off the air — gulp — eight years ago.) “She’s focusing on her film career right now,” says a source close to the Golden Globe-winning actress. “But if the right project came along she would consider it. It all comes down to the material.” Fingers crossed some really impossible-to-resist material comes her way. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and have you given any thought to that cell phone idea I had? This microcassette thing is so 1998. Later, Mike

Image Credit: David Gabber/PR Photos

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