Margaret Lyons
February 08, 2010 AT 07:51 PM EST

Yesterday’s Puppy Bowl featured some cuteness innovations: a hamster blimp, rabbit cheerleaders, and a dog named Tater Tot. Please excuse me while I go die from too much adorableness.

I’m a little miffed that Jack won MVP — no love for Yums, Animal Planet? Ouch — but all is forgiven thanks to the ridiculously slippery center decal. Watch Rigley (who should be Wrigley like the field, no?) and Jersey Boy scramble about in this infuriatingly unembeddable video.

Did you watch the Puppy Bowl, PopWatchers, and were you pulling for a particular pup? Do the rabbit cheerleaders take something away from the kitten half-time show, or is there plenty of squee to go around?

Image credit: David Holloway/Animal Planet

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