Kristen Baldwin
February 08, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EST

Oh, Jake. Jake, Jake, Jake. If you really think that, you’re SOL, my friend. Seriously, did you forget that you are, in fact, starring on The Bachelor? Because guess what: The drama is NEVER over! In fact, every week is the most dramatic week… ever! And, my fellow rose lovers, this episode was no exception. Not only did we get four hometown dates — complete with two (count ’em, two!) crying dads — we also witnessed a surprise (non) rose ceremony twist that left poor Jake with tears in his eyes, too. I’ll keep this post spoiler-free (get the full lowdown in my Bachelor recap), but I want to know your thoughts on the night’s events. Were Gia’s stepbrother and Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D. separated at birth? What did you think of the dance in Tenley’s heart? And how do you feel about who went home — and, more importantly, why she went home? Finally, don’t forget to post your burning Bachelor questions here for host Chris Harrison — he’ll be answering select queries in an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly — and check out his exclusive Bachelor behind-the-scenes blog.

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