Mandi Bierly
February 09, 2010 AT 07:50 PM EST

If you caught the commercial for last night’s CSI: Miami during Sunday’s Super Bowl, thought about tuning in because the murder-in-space case looked potentially awesome but missed the show, relax. You didn’t miss much. Space tourism was an interesting set-up: A man falls from the sky and Horatio and Co. determined that he was a passenger on a private spaceflight along with a fictional B-grade action star and two pilots. But David Caruso and his sunglasses did not ride the fictional Vomit Comet. (It would have been amazing to watch him try to remain in control, right?) Instead, the harness work was left to Eddie Cibrian and Omar Miller, who needed to recreate zero gravity conditions to match the blood spatter. (Two questions: Why wouldn’t CSI have looked for blood splatter the first time they visited the spacecraft, and why couldn’t Cibrian wear a shirt that oops! kept coming off in zero-g?)

In the end, it turned out debris had caused an oxygen leak and there wouldn’t have been enough air to get all four men back. The actor couldn’t be killed, of course, because it would draw too much media attention, so a bullet was put in the man who spent $2 million on his childhood dream against his wife’s wishes. There’s no way any coverup was ever actually going to work, so it made me lose interest in the suspect’s changing stories. (The actual shooter was determined by a back bruise matching the one Cibrian’s character suffered somersaulting into a wall from the backfire. And Cibrian couldn’t lift his shirt to show us that?!) The only reason I remotely cared about the victim was that he appeared to be a fan of Apollo 13, too: He tried telling the owner/pilot that he must know the ship he built well enough to figure out how to get them all home.

So, to recap: Kudos to CSI: Miami for trying to go where no CSI has gone before. But this episode was nowhere as fun, thrilling, or smart as that commercial had us anticipating. Are you one of the 13.5 million viewers who did catch it? Agree or disagree?

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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