Kate Ward
February 09, 2010 AT 11:45 PM EST

Today, best-selling author Jackie Collins stopped by Good Morning America not only to plug her new book, Poor Little Bitch Girl, but also to speak with George Stephanopoulos about which celebrity scandals she could transform into a compelling read. (In fact, she says she’s already brought us novels with plotlines that resemble the Chandra Levy case, and could easily turn John Edwards’ and Mark Sanford’s respective scandals into books.)

Now, it makes perfect sense that an author like Collins — who often focuses on the salacious — would be able to adapt a controversy. So the question is, which celebrity scandal would you like to see Collins adapt into a best-seller? It’s a tough call, especially when there is so much drama to choose from: Tiger Woods, Jon & Kate, Kardashian relationships, Lindsay Lohan’s hoarder tendencies… (Kidding on that last one, of course.)

So what do you think, PopWatchers? What scandal should Collins write about? And would you read a Collins-penned book novelizing the Edwards and Sanford controversies? Or would you prefer to keep bad celebrity behavior separate from “literature”?

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