Sandra Gonzalez
February 10, 2010 AT 02:30 PM EST

There is a lot of quality entertainment out there right now: American Idol welcomed Ellen this week, Lost is dominating, and Modern Family is a total laugh-fest. But you know what? Say what you will, I’m putting Celebrity Fit Club on my Must List this week. If you’re going to throw things at me, put down the cream pies and throw vegetables instead, please – it is a weight loss show, after all.

My overwhelming guilt aside, hear me out. I stopped watching Fit Club during the fifth season because I couldn’t stand Dustin Diamond. He also ruined Season 6. This year, Project Runway alum Jay McCarroll and the thought of Kevin Federline and his ex Shar Jackson on the same show drew me back in. After watching Monday night’s premiere episode, I was not disappointed.

The weight loss numbers in each episode aren’t like those on the Biggest Loser, but I appreciate the realistic goals Harvey and Dr. Ian set for the Fit Clubbers. They have eight weeks to lose weight, and in the normal world, people aren’t going to shed two toddlers worth of weight every week. Plus, the show’s appeal is much more than watching people lose weight loss; it’s about watching entertainerslose weight. Debates about the scope of the talent aside, all of these people have the spoiled, lazy entertainer persona. The product is pithy lines and slap-your-forehead comments, like this one from K-Fed: ”I look over, and I see medics over by Shar. I didn’t know what had happened. I figured she’d be alright.” Way to be pro-active, K-Fed.

Don’t let me stand in disgrace alone. This is the site that brought you the Guilty Pleasures Reality TV Showdown. We stand together in shame! Raise your glasses if Fit Club is on your Must List! … No one? Fine. But tell me, are you watching anything this week you’d like to ‘fess up about? What other TV show/movie/music is on your Must List this week? Sound off below!

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