Ken Tucker
February 10, 2010 AT 05:14 PM EST

Last night on The Late Late Show, the newly be-Twittered Craig Ferguson hosted Carrie Fisher, always a genial loose cannon. Her opening salvo to the host? “I’ve been Twittering you backstage, without a lubricant.”

Between stroking Craig’s leg, giving him the (pixilated) finger, and bad-mouthing a producer for her one-woman show Wishful Drinking, Fisher was really on a roll. The following clip captures some of the high points of her low humor:

Lest you think the mighty Fisher is a heedless vulgarian, I’ll point out that she plays with language, in her novels, memoirs, stage shows, and TV appearances, in amusing ways.

And Craig appreciates that kind of give-and-take; he’s as interested in the derivation of the term “druthers” as he is in a pun on Balzac.

Craig also said last night he suspected he was going to “get tired of the Twitter thing” pretty fast. I think the only solution to this is to Twitter him immediately (@craigyferg ) and express your opinion on this.

What did you think of Fisher’s happily ribald Late Late Show segment?

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