Annie Barrett
February 10, 2010 AT 04:16 PM EST

Last night’s Lost provided us with one more reason it’s difficult to take the Other (Temple) Others seriously: A guest spot from Rob McElhenney, one of the creators and stars of FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! At first, I didn’t want to trust my suspicion that it was really him. The islandwear substitution of an Other-y leather vest for Mac’s traditional sleeveless muscle shirt compounded my confusion. And I couldn’t tell if “Aldo” was wearing a Dick Towel (NSFW) underneath his cranberry cargo pants. But then the character started throwing a hissy fit and telling people to shut up, and I knew it was Rob. This was his second appearance — Kate had assaulted Aldo with a rifle when he was a security guard for the Others three years ago. Were you able to take Rob seriously as a Temple Other last night? SPOILER after the jump.

(Sidebar: Our photo editor labeled the image used for this item “What Kate Does: Rob McElhenney” and now I’m wishing those two had snuck in a jungle quickie.) 

If you’ve come this far, you’ve seen the episode, so I feel it’s safe to mention “Aldo” was shot and killed……by bewildered Claire! That was great! Are any other Sunny fans with me in wanting to see each of the Paddy’s gang come on for one episode of Lost just to be unceremoniously murdered? Sweet Dee has already proven her wenching skills should there ever be another flash backward. It could be fun to send Danny DeVito down various chutes and ladders just to see what’s inside. I’d almost like to see Charlie die in each episode, like Kenny on South Park. The possibilities are as endless as the list of things a cat could do in his free time once he has been kept warm by Kitten Mittons.

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