Mandi Bierly
February 10, 2010 AT 05:33 PM EST

I am willing to concede that my heart might have just been racing during last night’s episode of The Good Wife because it was heavy on Will and Josh Charles looked really good in that leather jacket. But I also think it had something to do with the scene below, in which Alicia (Julianna Margulies) had to rid the secret loft their murder suspect client kept of any evidence the police could “misunderstand” before it was declared a crime scene. DRAMA!

This was my favorite episode of the show so far. I actually wanted them to stay with the case rather than go back to Peter’s appeal trial. I found his pissing match with Childs (Titus Welliver) less compelling than Kalinda’s showdown. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) not-so-subtly letting the judge know that she would reveal him as “No. 12” while Childs questioned her — didn’t see that coming.

How do you feel about Peter (Chris Noth) coming home? In a PopWatch poll earlier this month, 44 percent of readers wanted him to clear his name but not move back in with Alicia and the kids YET; 25 percent wanted him to stay in prison, for the sake of the show; 18 percent wanted him to clear his name but NEVER move back in; and 12 percent wanted him to clear his name and move back in just as he did at the end of the episode, on house arrest. I suspect having Peter at home awaiting his next trial will make Alicia even more open to spending long hours at the office, which could up the tension between her and Will. If the writers keep the cases and the lawyers as riveting as they were last night, we should be just fine.

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