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Alexander McQueen's dark Tweets in the days before his death

Alexander McQueen’s Twitter stream has been deleted, but his missives cached on Google (and excerpted below) indicate that the 40-year-old designer was in a dark state of mind in the days leading up to his untimely death, including a Tweet on Feb. 3 in which he told his followers that his mother had died.

12:40 PM Feb 7th
HELLS ANGLES & PROLIFIC DEAMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:38 PM Feb 7th
sunday evening been a f—ing awful week but my friends have been great but now i have to some how pull myself together and finish with

2:21 PM Feb 3rd
La reine Margot

11:47 AM Feb 3rd
but life must go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:46 AM Feb 3rd
i’m letting my followers know the my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not me nor would you RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10:52 AM Feb 1st
why people ignore the ugly things in life but within this they are missing the beauty that lies under the rotten fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:46 AM Feb 1st
from heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places

10:01 AM Jan 28th
Hells Angels + Prolific Demons……

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