Keith Staskiewicz
February 12, 2010 AT 08:57 PM EST

The first line of dialogue in the just-released trailer for Centurion, Neil Marshall’s upcoming movie about a stranded Roman legion, is an Ackbarian “It’s a trap!” and what follows isn’t that much less clichéd. And yet, it still looks pretty darn awesome. It’s got all the requisite material for a kick-ass period action movie: swooping landscape shots, desaturated color palette, people jumping off cliffs into water, and more limb-hacking than a Civil War medic tent.

The principal players are all pretty solid, too. Marshall’s resume has high-quality horror fare on it like The Descent and Dog Soldiers, and star Michael Fassbender has proven himself a powerful acting force in films like Hunger and Inglourious Basterds. And, most importantly, it’s got McNulty!

It’s definitely got an undeniable 300 feel to it, and not just because both movies have Fassbender and West. There’s the few-against-many narrative, and I can totally see “I am a soldier of Rome! I will not yield!” becoming the new “This is Sparta!” Side note: Why is everybody always yelling in ancient Rome? Does this take place before they invented voice modulation?  I always imagine these guys screaming their heads off about the smallest things: “I. AM. GOING. TO. USE. THE RESTROOM!” or “I’M A ROMAN WARRIOR AND I’M ALLERGIC TO NUTS!”

What do you think, PopWatchers? Excited for Centurion?

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