Jeff Labrecque
February 12, 2010 AT 07:00 PM EST

Remember that scene in Animal House, when Faber freshmen Larry (Tom Hulce) and Kent (Stephen Furst) visit the snooty Omega house and are swiftly guided towards a somber room reserved for social lepers. Well, that’s sort of the way the Academy Awards treats its Scientific & Technical Awards, which receive its own ceremony on Feb. 20, two weeks before the pretty-people main event at the Kodak Theatre. Each year, the Academy even has its own Mandy Pepperidge, a pretty hostess to add a hint of glamour to the evening. This year, it will be Elizabeth Banks (W), who will present the more-obscure awards that aren’t necessarily ready for primetime. She is only the latest in a long line of lovely ladies to present these awards, including Jessica Biel, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kate Hudson, and Salma Hayek. You have to go back to 1996 for the last time the host wasn’t pretty, young, and female.

Now, you’re expecting me to cry that this is sexist, and you’re right. Sort of. Because the fact is that of the 45 winners who will be recognized on Feb. 20, every last one of them is a dude. Every one. So yes, it might be sexist to assume that men require a gorgeous hostess, but it’s more sad to me that females aren’t seeking or getting opportunities in the science and technical fields of filmmaking. Winnie Cooper would be outraged! Surely, there have to be some female engineers who are willing to work on the science of filmmaking, if only so Robert Pattinson will one day be the host of the Scientific & Technical Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners, but please, gentlemen, don’t drop the ball on April 22, national Take Your Daughter (and Son) to Work Day.

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Photo Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

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