Jennifer Armstrong
February 14, 2010 AT 03:30 PM EST

I spent my Valentine’s Eve watching a Hallmark movie called Elevator Girl, which is, well, better than spending Valentine’s Day watching a Hallmark movie called Elevator Girl. It was no Lifetime Original Movie — nor could it hold a candle to most of the ABC Family oeuvre, especially those in the epic Bring It On and Cutting Edge franchises. But it was the kind of vaguely engaging diversion that’s great to pay your bills to. (I know, I’m a romantic.) The setup was classic TV movie: a free-spirited receptionist/waitress who never quite finished culinary school — named, quite pointedly, Liberty (Lacey Chabert) — meets a corporate lawyer in a stuck elevator named Jonathan. They hit it off, the elevator got unstuck, and then — gasp — it turned out she was the server at the dinner celebrating his partnership. It got kinda mushy from there, though, vacillating between a fairly run-of-the-mill romance (when hummus is made not once, but twice, onscreen, things need to be moving a little faster) and melodramatic speeches about how crazy and unconscionable it is for male law firm partners to date women with less income and ambition than themselves.

However, I did learn a few things from Elevator Girl: 1. Someone needs to give Lacey Chabert a job on a CW or ABC Family drama so she can stop doing these movies. The girl who tried so hard to make “fetch” happen in Mean Girls deserves more. 2. Feminism has apparently triumphed so soundly in the world of Hallmark movies that all societal forces are against a corporate lawyer dating anyone who isn’t a badass VP or similar. Sorry, but as much as I love Lacey, I was kinda rooting for the poor blond career gal who was also vying for Jonathan’s affection. She is going to have a much harder time finding her professional equal. But, hey, it’s the season of love, and opposites who meet in stuck elevators are obviously always meant to be.

Did any of you PopWatchers watch Elevator Girl? Where did it rank in the TV movie pantheon for you? Did you catch any other pre-V-Day gems?

Photo credit: Justin Lubin/Hallmark Channel

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